10 Mar 2010

5 Ways Video Enhances Your Marketing Campaign

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Online video and online video marketing enhance every aspect of your marketing campaign. It’s important to not only consider the type of video you want for your business, but also the different ways you can utilize the video after it’s been produced.

Here are a few ways video enhances your marketing results:

SEO: Adding video to your website gives your SEO campaign a lift because it increases the amount of time people spend on your website — a key factor in search rankings.

Organic Search: Video is also great for long-tail universal search. Now that google returns thumbnails and videos in it’s primary search results, people’s eyeballs go for the first image they see as opposed to the first link.

Social Media: YouTube is now the 2nd biggest search engine on earth, after Google. The amount of people who watch video on Facebook increased 1,827% in Oct-Dec of 2009. Most importantly, 60% of everyone who watches a video and likes it will share it with someone else.

Email Marketing: In a survey of over 1 billion emails sent out that compared open and click-thru rates between video and non-video emails, video emails had a 5.6% higher open rate and 96.4% higher click-thru rates than non-video emails.

Lead Conversion: When it comes to one of the most crucial aspects of any marketing campaign, a properly placed video can increase conversion on your website by a consistent 3-4 times. And you’ll pay nothing for distribution.

What does all this mean? In a nutshell, it’s important to upload and distribute your video to multiple video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo and AOL Video, social media sites like Facebook and MySpace, and finally, include it in all your marketing communications going forward. It’s the best way to ensure your video gets seen, which is the best way to ensure your video generates sales.

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    Thanks for the comment. You’re right, the RSS feed is a bit tough to find. I’ll get that fixed ASAP.

    I checked out your website. I like the roll-over effect on your main navigation. Cool stuff.

    You from the States originally, or have you always lived in Germany?

  3. stanley says:

    Great blog and info. Wish more people were talking about online video marketing. The pictures are lovely!

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