13 Feb 2010

Doritos Superbowl Entry

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Going Viral with User-Generated Content

Some of the funniest viral video advertising of the past few years has been created by brands that encourage the masses to produce content for a big money prize. Doritos has been on the forefront of this trend, buying millions of dollars worth of Superbowl air time and filling it with spots produced by their customers.

In the vast majority of cases, these “customers” are in fact professionals who produce work made to look like it was created by amateurs. Nonetheless, the beauty of these spots is in their simplicity, and of course, their ability to NOT look like traditional advertising.

Utilizing a viral/user-generated approach to video content gives your customers a chance to be your cheerleaders. It allows them to encourage peers to try your product or service without it looking like chest-thumping. And it does so without ceding creative control to true amateurs, so you can be very strategic about the business problems you choose to solve.

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