04 Apr 2011

InkBed™ Benefits Video

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We were excited to get contacted by InkBed, Inc. to assist in the international product launch of the new, revolutionary InkBed, a tattoo client table and bed.

From an executional standpoint, the true innovation in this product is the separating legs. That’s the part that’s patent pending (i.e. a big deal). And that’s what’s going to get our target audience (tattoo artists) fired up about getting this bed.

Secondarily, our target needs to know that this thing is as flexible as a gymnast. No more aches and soreness from holding your arms in an awkward position to access an obscure part of your client’s body.

Miss on either of those key points, and we just wasted everyone’s time.

We also felt it was important to draw out the “coolness” and sex appeal of tattoos, which is why we added subtle movement to every shot in this piece, and picked a soundtrack that makes your head bob a little.

To sum up, in one day of shooting we created assets that fed an international product launch, details of which include:
• Website – www.inkbed.com
• Two Online Videos
• Print Ads

Not bad for a day’s work.

Gear List
• Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
• Glass: Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8L
• Fisher 10 Dolly with rails
• 6,000w Spacelight
• Maxi Brute Nine Light w/MFL
• 2k Quartz Baby Junior

Studio time provided by Seattle Grip and Lighting.

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