07 Apr 2011

InkBed™ International Product Launch – Behind the Scenes Video

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The InkBed™ shoot took place in a single day. We locked down our studio time in Seattle and shot assets for two online videos, a website, and several print ads.

We had a small but extremely capable crew, and shot everything on the Canon 5d Mark II, one of the most flexible DSLR’s on the market today. And since we didn’t roll sound, it was an even better fit for our needs.

We bring a photographer on almost all of our shoots, to both create stills for the client and to document our process to share through social media. There’s nothing sexy about sitting in an edit bay, but there’s nothing sexier than a successful shoot.

Shoots like this epitomize what it’s like to be a director … hurry up to wait. And they make having a cohesive crew all the more important. We had over 80 shots to put in the can in a single day, so everybody has to know what they’re doing or we fail.

These videos are the final pieces to a national launch of the InkBed™ tattoo client table and bed. The bed was in development for a long time to finally get to this point. What you see here is one of the final prototypes, representing lots of work by lots of people.

We’re grateful for having been a part of this process, and look forward to working closely on future aspects of campaign as it unfolds.

Until next time, keep shooting, baby. That’s a wrap.

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