16 Mar 2010

How Online Video Marketing Improved Our Web Traffic by 105% in 7 Days

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Incorporating online video and online video marketing strategies with our new website roll-out has yielded tremendous results, and useful tips for those interested in using online video to gain awareness and increase sales.

Our launch was decidedly quiet. We didn’t create any fanfare because our content was (and still is) a work in progress. Sure, we may not “dazzle” every early visitor, but this approach allows us to test and improve our online marketing strategy over time.

That being said, in the 7 days since we launched, web traffic has increased 105%! More importantly, the average time spent on site has jumped from about 12 seconds to 5 minutes! And whereas our bounce rate once hovered in the mid-70s percent-wise, it is now a very respectable 42%.

The reasons are obvious. The addition of a persuasive online video on each page of our website is directly related to the increase in time people spend on our site. Properly tagging and distributing our videos across multiple video sharing platforms is directly related to our increasing traffic and our decreasing bounce rate.

You may ask, how’s all this relating to new business? Well, in the first four days after our new site launched, we were asked to submit four proposals. Three of those requests were from clients with whom we’ve had no prior relation. One was a national advertiser. We’ll find out the results in the next 2-3 weeks.

Granted, it remains to be seen how much new business we acquire over the long-run as a result of our online video marketing strategy, but considering all we’ve done so far is “flip the switch,” the odds are clearly in our favor.

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