11 Dec 2008

Great Example of “Less Is More”

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Here’s a great ad I saw the other day while watching Lebowski on hulu.com:

Had to drop a shout-out for it because i have yet to see a 15-second pre- or post-roll online video ad that didn’t make me want to gravity test my computer. This little gem caught my eye.

Appealing to people online is a whole other ball game than doing it on television. It’s a different aged audience, with different habits, different interests, and different expectations.

Just because people who watch online video tend to exercise a reduced attention span (sometimes, but not always), doesn’t mean advertisers should attempt to say more, faster, in less time.

So, advertisers, take one thought, one aspect of your client’s product, and highlight it. Don’t be afraid to dive deeper into more focused issues, and to show them in clever ways.

General rules of thumb:

1) Sharing one benefit or aspect of a product/service at a time is enough, and
2) Never assume that your audience’s interests are baser than your own.

This Reese’s ad is a great example of that. it’s 15 seconds long and one sentence. The music is a playfully cool riff off the New Order song “Bizarre Love Triangle,” and the mood of the spot sums up what it’s like to eat candy: so good (for your tastebuds), yet so bad (for your wasteline).

Gotta love it.

(Submission by Jeremy J. Dodd)

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