28 Mar 2010

Tamarac, Inc. Interactive Website Case Study

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Tamarac Inc. is the leading provider of sophisticated, scalable portfolio management technology that enables investment managers to provide customized, tax-efficient, individual account management to a multitude of clients.

They contacted RedGrey Concepts to produce video content that supplements an interactive flash presentation designed to teach current and prospective clients incredible new features of their Advisor 8 product. Below is a successful case study of the resultant work product.

The Challenge
We [Tamarac] wanted the ability to not only “can” out best elevator pitch online, but also provide an in-depth overview on areas of our software for those prospects that wanted to go deeper. Our company sells a robust and complicated web-based software service to financial professionals and peeling back the onion past the elevator pitch means convening some complex functionality and concepts. We have a small sales team of three regional sales people and no inside sales team for outbound and initial qualification. The more marketing can abbreviate the sales process and drive qualified leads into the sales team’s pipeline, the better.

The Solution
RedGrey is a dream to work with. Not only did they run with our concept of using a green screen to insert some of our executive staff delivering the sales pitches, overlaying the presentation content, but they did it at a fraction of the cost of other production companies we received bids from. RedGrey worked with our abbreviated timeline and turned around everything we needed, exactly how we wanted it, in time and on budget.

The Result
The finished product of our online video presentation more than met our expectations and efficiently delivers our company’s value proposition in a way our target audience can understand. It enables our prospects to get a high level summary or a deep dive of functionality and logic in our system. The end result is an automated online tool for converting qualified leads into our sales funnel so our sales team can more efficiently walk them through the rest of the sales cycle.

At Tamarac, we track all the visitors on our site, where they come from, where they go on our site and how they convert to either a form or phone call. The online presentation that we developed with RedGrey was viewed by 473 unique visitors in the last four months and 24 of the people that watched the demo later signed up for our service. With an average annual contract license fee of $25,000, our online demo directly contributed to over $600,000 in reoccurring annual revenue.

Thank you RedGrey.

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