22 Aug 2009

Top Online Video Distribution Sites

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I recently came across a great article* in Layers Magazine that detailed demographic information for the top online video sites in the US. Many of the sites were mentioned in my previous post,
while some were new and worth mentioning. Since the article wasn’t available online, I thought I’d share it here.

RedGrey regularly posts client work to all these sites and more as part of our World Wide Upload Service.

YouTube (YouTube.com): Biggest of all video distribution sites
Avg Traffic: Nearly 70 million monthly uniques; 74 page views/person; 0:55:52 minutes spent on site.
Demographics: Surprisingly, the audience only slants slightly younger; roughly even male/female; relatively less educated.

MySpace (MySpace.com): Primarily a social networking site, but video is widely used
Avg Traffic: 12.5 million monthly unique visitors; 23 page views/person; 0:07:03 minutes spent on site.
Demographics Only slightly younger; even male/female; relatively less educated.

Revver (Revver.com): This site employs an ad sharing revenue system similar to Google AdWords, but for video
Avg Traffic: 8+ million monthly uniques; 16 page views/person; 0:08:07 mins on site.
Demographics: Slightly more male; age relatively older.

Veoh (Veoh.com): Focus on full-screen online video for broadband users.
Avg Traffic: 3.6 million monthly uniques; 30 pages viewed/person; 0:41:29 minutes on site.
Demographics: slightly more male; even age.

Metacafe (Metacafe.com): Popular worldwide distribution. Quality over quantity distinction.
Avg Traffic: 3.5 million monthy uniques; 15 pages/person; 0:07:10 mins on site.
Demo: Almost 3:1 male to female; relatively even education and income.

Yahoo! Video (video.Yahoo.com): Sleek, entertainment-oriented video site (not fully integrated w/rest of Yahoo!’s community destinations)
Avg Traffic: 3.2 million uniques/month; 4 page views/person; 0:03:16 mins on site.
Demo: Slightly more male; slants older.

blip.tv (blip.tv): Publisher-friendly video sharing and distribution site
Avg Traffic: 1.3 million monthly uniques; 3 page views/person; 0:02:43 mins spent on site.
Demo: Slightly more male; higher education and income.

Vimeo (Vimeo.com): Hip, user-generated content
Avg Traffic: 1.3 million monthly uniques; 5 page views/person.
Demo: 2:1 male-to-female ratio; high income and college educated.

Google Video (video.google.com): One of the first video sharing sites to offer ad revenue sharing w/publishers
Avg Traffic: 436,000 monthly unique visitors; 3 page views/person; 0:02:34 mins on site.
Demo: Unavailable.

Viddler (Viddler.com): Newer site with cool features like comments tied to a particular time in the video and automatic webcam sync.
Avg Traffic: Unavailable.
Demo: Slightly more male; college educated.

Facebook (Facebook.com): Another major social networking site with over 100 million users. 4th most-trafficked website in the world.
Avg Traffic: See above.
Demo: Wide-ranging and segmented.

Online video does a great job of not just furthering a business objective. It also exposes your personality and art to others who may not otherwise see it. A good video can inspire you just as much as it inspires others, so take advantage of it!

* Rod’s Top 12 Video Distribution Sites, Page 89, Layers Magazine, November/December 2008

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